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Ph.D, Yale University, 1980 (Sociology)

J.D., Boalt Hall Law School, University of California, Berkeley, 1975

Law Studies, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1974-1976

M.A., Law & Society, Center for the Study of Law and Society, Berkeley, 1974

B.A., History and Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley, 1970


Bar Memberships


Washington, D.C.,1974-


Academic Employment

Professor, Faculty of Law (Associate), Tel-Aviv University, 1994-

Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Tel-Aviv University, 1982-1994

Director, Institute of Criminal Law, Tel-Aviv University, 1991-1994

Director Clinical Legal Studies, Faculty of Law, Tel-Aviv University, 1988-1996

Research Fellow, Yale Law School, June-August, 1985-1991

Visiting Professor of Law, Rutgers University, Newark, 1989

Research Associate, Yale Law School, White-Collar Crime Studies, 1977-79

Research Associate, Yale Law School, Guggenheim Foundation Program in

Criminal Justice, 1977-79

Instructor, Hebrew University, School for Overseas Students, 1976

Instructor, Yale College, 1978


Academic Association

Member, Middle East Legal Studies Seminar, Yale Law School


Law Practice

Law Firm, Kenneth Mann & Co, Advocates, 2018-

Law Firm, Libai, Mann & Co, Advocates, 2008-2018

Founder and Chief Public Defender of Israel, Ministry of Justice, 1995-2002

Attorney, Caspi & Co., Tel-Aviv, 1994-1996

Prosecutor, District of Tel-Aviv, Ministry of Justice, 1982-1983

Attorney, Kostelanetz & Ritholz, New York City, 1977-78


Civil Society Associations

Chair, LEAP, Legal Aid for Palestinians, Center for Advancement of Peace Initiatives,

Jerusalem, (legal-aid for West Bank Palestinian workers), 2019-                

Chair of Board, Gisha, Legal Center for Freedom of Movement (legal aid for Gazan

Palestinians), 2004-

Chair, Oversight Committee, Natal, Israel Trauma & Resilience Center, (trauma

related treatment and education), 1998-


Certificate of Public Service, Israeli Bar Association 2003

Zeev Zeltner Award for Distinguished Public Service; Tel-Aviv University

Faculty of Law, 2016

The Emil Grunzweig Human Rights Award, Association for Civil Rights in

Israel, 2016


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