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Selected Publications

Establishing the Public Defender in Israel, Origins of Justice: Israeli Law 1948-2019, ed. D. Silver, 2020 (Hebrew)


Israeli Occupation of the West Bank and the Role of the Courts: The Case of Palestinian Workers, Israel Yearbook on Human Rights, ed. Y. Dinstein, 2019


Administrative Criminal Procedure: Plea Bargaining, False Convictions of the Guilty and Judicial Supervision, Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure in Israel, Problems and Challenges, ed. Alon Harel, 2018


Punitive Civil Sanctions: The Middleground Between Criminal and Civil Law: 101 Yale Law Journal 1795, 1992


Creating a Public Defender System in the Shadow of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (with D. Weiner), 48 New York Law School Law Review 91, 2004


Judicial Review and Fundamental Values in the Criminal Process: The Right to Representation in American Law and the Development of Israeli Law, Tel-Aviv Studies in Law, 557, 1989


Sitting in Judgment: Sentencing White Collar Offenders,

Yale University Press, 1988 (with Stanton Wheeler & Austin Sarat)


Defending White Collar Crime: A Portrait of Attorneys at Work,

Yale University Press, 1985


Plea Bargaining, Theory and Practice in Comparative Perspective, Institute of Comparative Law, Hebrew University, 1981 (with Eliahu Harnon)


Public Support for Civil Liberties in Israel,

Social Science Quarterly, September 1977 (with Rita Simon)

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